Back in January, WeePiglet was diagnosed with ADHD-Combined, which is allll the ADHD you can have plus a dessert buffet. It didn’t come as a shock to us - instead, the diagnosis was a relief because now we can actually DO SOMETHING about our wackadoodle child and not just wonder where we fucked up or why she’s so... out there.

So we met with the school and while the school didn’t think her ADHD was “severely” impacting her school situation, it sure as hell wasn’t enhancing the experience at all. So they didn’t implement any formal plans but instead tweaked a few things here and there to see if anything would help.

Nothing did. All the supports and helps we put in place for WeePiglet have had little to no effect on her. She simply cannot sit still. She can’t focus for long periods of time. She just... can’t.

Our last two options are: medication and private school. Since I don’t think we could swing private school at the moment, then medication it is. I made that decision today and we go to her doctor next Thursday to hammer out the specifics.

But it was a hard decision to make. I don’t feel good about it, but I’m at a total loss as to what else we can possibly do for her. Short of me standing over her desk and forcing her to do her work, medication seems to be the only real option left here.


She’s not yet 9 years old. I’m not terribly worried about whether or not the meds will work - most of them have very high success rates. I’m not terribly worried about side effects, either, except the one little voice in my head that is yelling at me for fucking with the brain chemistry of a child who has not yet attained a double-digit age. Intellectually, I know this can really only help her (and by extension, ME), but emotionally, I feel really gross about it.

The thing that is making it okay is that so many of you wonderful people have shared your ADHD experiences with me, and most of them were overwhelmingly positive with regards to medication. I hope WeePiglet will respond well and improve.


My stomach is not so sure, though. Calm down, stomach.