There are 16 in total, difficult choices include:

  • Have a lapdance from Channing Tatum? Or have freshly baked chocolate cookies every night? (cookies, though if I got more than a lap dance I might choose Channing)
  • Experience a sexual awakening in Baltimore with Idris Elba? Produce lemon bars by snapping your fingers? (Idiris is for a night, lemon bars are forever, I pick lemon bars)
  • Be kept warm by a shirtless Taylor Lautner? Have it rain cheese fries? (are we talking good cheese fries or only okay cheese fries here?)
  • Have casual sex with Justin Timberlake? Consume a new Ben & Jerry’s flavour named after you? (Okay, I’ll pick Justin for this, just because I don’t like ice cream that much and like the existing flavors enough I don’t care if they make a new one just for me.

They did a poll if 15,000 people online (so real super scientific!), and men won 5 times, food won 11, and there was one draw. In the poll results of me, I got 9 food, 8 men.