You can't really discuss the book industry without taking about Harlequin. Harlequin in some aspects is the minor league for writers in terms of launching ones career. Those being launched are as far as I can tell all women. I can't think of any men who writes or written for Gold Eagle ever having a big career, David L Robbins is probably the closest. Yet Janet Evanovich, Tess Gerritson (sp?) and of course Nora Roberts to name a few all got their start with Harlequin.

Yet these three stuck to romance novels outside of Harlequin with Gerritson getting the furthest away. I am never sure if Harlequin (mainline) writers write Romance novels to get into the publishing door or genuinely want to write in this genre? I assume its a mixture. Although except for Gerritson I can't think of any Harlequin Romance writer who got completely away from Romance.

The Romance Harlequin novels I read which were all from their Intrigue line (I think thats no more) all had the "Dislike at First Sight" plotline. Really bad, unrealistic plot devices.

I believe Harlequin is one of the most if not the most profitable publishing company. Their books are EVERYWHERE from grocery stores, Target to thrift shops and of course flea markets and yard sales. Although second hand Harlequin seem to be horrible sellers, I know two used book dealers that won't touch them except if they are Nora Roberts books.

I do love their Gold Eagle Executioner novels but they are formula driven although Deathlands is the worst for formula driven novels. For their mainline Romance do they create false expectations?

BTW anyone work for Harlequin if so why is Gold Eagle treated like an unwanted child? They are sooo hard to find new.


Anyways in general what are your thoughts on this company?