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Harper's doublethink on abortion

Ah, Canada. A bastion of progressive politics and abortion on demand, amiright? That's how most Americans see Canada, yes? A chicken in every pot, an abortion for every unwanted pregnancy (unless you live in PEI, but that's neither here nor there, really).

Well, the Conservative government seem to have realized that restricting abortion rights in Canada is a bit of a no-go. We're very polite, but we have limits, you know? "You can fuck off out of my uterus and have a nice day, eh?" So, instead, they've just decided to limit access overseas.

Our International Development Minster has just announced that Canada will not fund any projects that provide funding for access to abortion in cases of war rape (awkward phrasing, but I'm quoting their press release) or child brides.


I mean... what? Just... what? It just seems like the oddest thing to put limits on. I disagree with the idea of removing funding for projects on the bases of reproductive choice in general, but it just seems like the oddest thing to insist on. Out of all the things to cut funding from? I mean, nuts to those poor women raped during war, forget those girls married off at 14.

And, I find it interesting that this announcement comes a scant day after Canada-wide "Right to Life" protests... interesting timing, is all I'm saying. Feels like a big wink-nod from the Conservatives to the anti-choicers: "Look, you know we can't do anything HERE, but we're fighting the good fight in those other countries."

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