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Harriet Tubman Sex Tape

Oh Lord... I just need to go to bed don't I?

Russel Simmons is a MESS

In case you don't want to watch the video but still want to know:

Russell Simmons and Awesomeness TV CEO Brian Robbins have launched a collaborative YouTube network called All Def Digital, which Simmons says will be molded into a multimedia content production empire.

Amongst its projected offerings is a web series titled B-Rock, which is described as an outrageous and irreverent spin on the Obama White House, chronicling the adventures of our 44th President's super-alter ego.


"Outrageous" and "irreverent" are key words here for the All Def Digital network, because, as you'll see in its latest offering, titled Harriet Tubman Sex Tape, which is embedded below, it appears absolutely nothing is off limits! So you're either with it, or you're not apparently.

The clip is described by the network as "the off-record account of how Harriet Tubman blackmailed her master into letting her run the Underground Railroad."


—From IndieWire Article

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