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Harry-Potter-a-thon Is Complete!!

  • Happy New Year, everybody! I came home, put on my comfy pants, ate way more potsticker dumplings than I'd planned, and when I take of my bra, the party will really begin! Last night I finished my Harry Potter marathon, and used up my tissues. Snape, man. Gets me every time.
  • It was my first time watching the two Deathly Hallows movies back-to-back. They fit together quite well, with minimal retreading to refresh the memory. It felt like there was less time spent in silence, this way. I love how these movies aren't afraid to be quiet. They don't have to talk or explode all the time, and can just be.
  • It starts at the Malfoy's home, which has been commandeered as headquarters by Voldemort. They say they're his friends, but they started having second thoughts a while ago. They are regretting their choice of side in this war. They enjoyed the theory of genocide more than the practice. Draco Malfoy sees one of his professors tortured and murdered, inches from his face, and that conflicted boy we saw in the Half-Blood Prince realizes what he really wants, and this is not it. I love the Malfoys in this movie. They do not look good, and when the final battling is going down, they're all,

I love that. Lucius is in the doghouse, but they're done with the war.

  • But really, let's jump way ahead. The massive reveal of "what really happened" with Snape's memories leaves me a snotty mess every time. I'm worried that when I read the book, I will be gross for hours. Harry had never trusted Snape, and then it's revealed that Snape was the one man he could have trusted infinitely. And the reveal of the unrequited love of the best friend for the girl who got wrapped up with the cool kids—breaks my beating heart! And here's a question: in the books, is Harry's dad ever revealed as anything other than a dickish bully? Because in the movies, I cannot see what his mother saw in that guy. I get that his mother was an amazing lady, who everyone loved immensely. But his father? Was he just the cute jock that she wanted to fix?
  • I loved the quick little epilogue at the train station, too. We get to see that Malfoy turned out okay. I'm sure after the Battle of Hogwarts, they got into family therapy, and sought to fix their damage. Did they divorce? I'm going to say probably, but after a while, because Lucius doesn't seem like the "it was my fault"/forgiveness-type. Draco chose to go to college near his mom. Is any of this in the books? I wonder how close my projections are.
  • And Neville is awesome, and in the little moment with Luna, wordless, we know he's going to be better than okay.
  • I also got to thinking, did none of the kids call their parents? With all the school violence nowadays, how freaked out are parents going to be that their children are dead? Wouldn't some of them come running to help out/get their kids out of danger. Like, "No, you CANNOT go to actual deadly violent war with your friends! We are leaving. Now. Get your owl, say your goodbyes, and get in the car/on your broom/in the toilet/in the fireplace/hold my hand/whatever." Where were the younger kids, who don't know very many spells? Did they all get squirreled away to the room of requirement, or a dungeon someplace, to wait it out? Were they whisked away someplace far away? Like "Okay guys, beach night!" Is this in the books, too?
  • I'm sure I'll have more thoughts that pop into my head for days to come. I may even rewatch Deathly Hallows, just, you know, for funzies/a good cry.
  • Until my next binge-viewing, remember, always dance like no one is watching



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