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Advanced Muggle Studies returns! (Although, if you’ve got a serious spider phobia, this might not be the best week for you.)

This week, we discuss: the return of Gigantic Fucking Spiders; the eternal question - is Snape acting, or just a dick?; we found the remedy for misuse of Petrificus Totalus; Ernie “Hot Take” Macmillan; Lockhart the useful idiot; impassioned Ron rules; wizards need Mag-Lites; Hagrid’s judgment is questionable at best; Arachne and Athena; the sexist history of spider lore; Japanese prostitute spiders; disturbing realizations that acromantulas might as well exist; the universality of spiders in mythology; what was Hagrid’s plan, exactly?; the Voldemort of the animal world; the sentient Ford Anglia; and the well-camouflaged Moaning Myrtle.


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