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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Ch. 12: A Salamander Patronus for Our Lord

Here at Advanced Muggle Studies, we slog through a steadily-increasing world of crap, clinging to our devotion to a fictional series that makes us smile most days. And so we return.

This week we are discussing: Ron Weasley, douche extraordinaire; Harry’s jerking phallic broom; why we’re pretty sure Hermione had other friends; Oliver Wood defines hubris; salamanders both live in burning fire and symbolize (once again) Our Lord, somehow; Paracelsus’s undies; sloths, manatees, coats of arms and Internet Jesus; no one but Hermione learns; the minutiae of boggart dementors; inherited familiar spirits and Prince Rupert’s dog; Lupin/Sirius and casting Marauders; dignified movie vs. realistic book; we SO WANT to talk about sexuality and werewolves but we are restraining ourselves; wizard conspiracy theories; passive-aggressive Minerva; sexy Dementors and wizard Christmas; to be thirteen and certain of everything; and #thatssoharry.


Come check us out for our ever-sporadic podcast discussion, stay for the delightful gifs and disturbing/amusing/confounding folklore!

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