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Illustration for article titled Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Ch. 17-19: Hypersexual Werewolves, Wizarding Puberty, and Crotch Broom Fun Times

This time on Advanced Muggle Studies, we talked Chapters 17-19 and we talked A LOT, so we broke the episode in two sections. There’s the full episode, and then there’s a special episode in which we JUST discuss the lore of werewolves, the subtext behind their use in the story, and their significance for the overall narrative (it’s not what you normally hear!).

So check it out! This week, we discuss: bloody imagery; complex book motives and actions vs. action-scene movie choices; Crookshanks and the Prisoner of Azkaban; Sirius says “SAVE MARTHA!”; robbing Ron; the cat knows which series he’s in; misdirection and Sirius-Lupin ships; WHY WOULDN’T YOU JUST PUT THAT IN THE MOVIE?; Sirius is out of fucks; so is Snape; no one ever sees Expelliarmus coming; the complications of Fidelius Charms; Death Eaters in South America — AND NOW FOR THE WEREWOLF PORTION — Peter Stubbe, Werewolf of Bedburg; belts, nudity and violence in werewolf lore; werewolves all over the world and why there are so few female werewolves; werewolves and Christianity; werewolves as metaphors for homosexuality and deviant male sexuality; how JK Rowling doesn’t understand the metaphor she actually wrote; and why it’s far too simplistic to read Lupin as gay or an AIDS survivor; the power of NOT sterilizing your lore; male role models; Hermione and Ron and menstrual subtext; and really, just all the proof that the Year 3 Book is the sexiest Book so far.


And if you’re just interested in the stuff in bold, that’s the werewolf section, so click that link. (Of course our whole episode is amazing, but you know, your time is precious.)

Full Episode:

Werewolf Section:

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