Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
Illustration for article titled Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Ch. 5: Just keep the eldritch horrors out of my backyard, thanks

This week, on Advanced Muggle Studies, we discuss: inappropriate Weasleys; Hermione & Ginny 4LYFE; the fact that Hermione clearly has WAY more friends than either of the boys; putting up with bad male behavior; mansplaining with Percy Weasley; Arthur Weasley, Ministry rebel; real live adult supervision; Hermione-Sherlock fanfic; misdirection with Sneakoscopes and Scabbers; R.J. Lupin; Crookshanks knows what’s up; the fictional “driver”; weak Malfoy burns; no one in this book remembers they have magic; Dungeonmaster Lupin; Lupin and Tonks; stop forgetting Neville and Ginny; why Ginny and Harry fit each other; why Harmony shippers are entirely misguided; the pitfalls of author apologies; why J.J. Abrams doesn’t seem to understand his own film; the beauty of NO LOVE TRIANGLE; the Great Chocolate Wars of 2017; pay no attention to those carriages until Book 5; McGonagall and Pomfrey unite; subtle Dumbledore pronouncements; wizard publishers are trolling us; why is there no magical continuing education?; what about Hagrid’s wand?; dementors and lethifolds; WE SOLVE THE LOST SMOKE MONSTER; the horrific history of the Ministry and dementors; questioning Ministry choices; NIMBY afflicts wizards too; Hydra, the Dark Side, and Guantanamo Bay; dementors, depression, and death; the power of fearmongering; and our latest project!


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