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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Ch. 15: Come on, you KNOW you thought about it

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We’re back on Advanced Muggle Studies! This week, we discuss: more monomyth; disapproving McGonagall; positive social policing; What the Fuck, Hogwarts?! After Hours edition; sexy My Little Ponies; virgins LOVE THEM SOME UNICORNS; magical boobs; poorly conceived Jesus metaphors; stop killing animals for their phallus parts; Apollonian vs. Dionysian philosophy and rituals; what Pentecostals and Dionysian ritual madness might have in common; why you never see female centaurs; centaur erotica; Dionysian masculinity and queer themes; the power of Amazonian genitals; Firenze as the sole far-sighted centaur; and damn that clever man Dumbledore. (JUST A HEADS UP — WE ARE USUALLY NSFW, BUT WE ARE DEFINITELY SO THIS WEEK)


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