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Has Anybody TEFL-ed?

I’ve been unemployed/underemployed for ages. After undergrad I worked in a restaurant and then nannied. I went to Grad school and instead of helping my career, I’m just more in debt. At this point, I’m pretty sure I’m never going to have any real amount of money, so all I want at this point is to make the most out of my life. And part of that for me means travel. So I thought I would save up enough to take a TEFL course and see if I could find a job teaching abroad. I know that’s usually something younger people do (I’m 31), but I need to do something with my life besides sitting on my couch applying for jobs I never hear back from.

I’ve lived abroad before, so I’m pretty comfortable with the ex-pat thing, but I’d love to hear people’s certification and teaching experience. I’m just beginning to do research into which companies offer certification, and I’m curious what companies people liked (or disliked) working with. Did you do a course at home or abroad? If abroad, did you have success finding a job in the country you did your certification in? And if anybody has done this in your late 20s/30s I’d be especially interested in hearing how you fared. Am I totally crazy for considering this option?


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