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Has anyone been fired multiple times?

So I talked with my boss this morning and he said that I have to hit my weekly goal this week. He didn't say he'd fire me if I didn't, but he likes to make these statements and then just let it dangle. Frankly, I'm getting sick of this shit. I had been thinking about looking for a new job anyway, but this sort of cements it.

The thing is, I've been fired twice already. Once was a result of a downward spiral in my youth over a bad breakup, the other was that I'd been told to handle a situation a certain way, and when I did I was told that was against company policy (I can expand on this a bit more if you want).


Have any of you been fired multiple times and managed to come out on top? This is a good paying job, but frankly the stress is not worth it. My health is suffering, and I'm the sole breadwinner, so I'm nervous to find something else. Do I put in notice, take a temp job, and try to find a better position, or do I ride it out until I maybe get fired on Friday?

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