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Welcome To The Bitchery

I saw this swimsuit and it’s *adorable*! But I can’t get a good look at the bottoms. What I *don’t* need is a bikini-cut bottom to scoop under my already-to-ample tummy. One of the reviews talks about a high waist bottom, which is what I want. But I’m not familiar with the retailer.

Tell me your experience!


ETA: upon DonnaNoble’s suggestion, I did a google search. Ooooooh hell to the no. They’re out of China (I don’t buy from China, out of principle - too much slave labor there. They don’t deliver quickly (well, they are in China) and there are lots of issues with sizing - and if you need a refund, YOU have to pay to ship the item back to China.


Thanks DonnaNoble!!

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