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Has anyone done the Whole30?

I want to do this. I mean, it's 30 days. Surely I can do this for 30 days. Have you done it? How did it go? Did you want to die? Is it actually possible to live without bean and cheese burritos? (I have my doubts.) Is it possible to do the Whole30 if you can't eat cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, kale, bok choy, dai lan, or collard greens?

Like I said, I want to do it. HOWEVER. I have a serious, serious problem .... I am addicted to gum. I love gum, you gals. It started when I used Nicorette to quit the smoking, and now I rely heavily on Orbit Sweet Mint to get me through my day.

So, I have ordered some of this:


It is completely unsweetened gum. No real sugar, no artificial sweetener, no nothing. It is "mastic flavored." I really hope I don't hate it, because if I do, there's NO WAY I'll be able to make it through the Whole30. Anyone had it? Love it? Hate it? All "meh" about it? Tell me the truth!

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