Back in the 70s and 80s my late grandmother’s late SIL would call the local radio station during their show where people could call in and talk about issues of the day. My late grandmother thought SIL was a fool for somethings she called about like folks wearing shorts to Church (as my grandmither said “you would think she would mind her business and be happy they went to church”) and her complaints about the 80s movie The Warriors (as my grandmother said at the time “she never saw it so why are they even taking her call”).

Does anyone call in to radio shows? I used to listen late at night on Sundays to Sexually Speaking with Dr Ruth. The callers called less about sex and more about relationship questions. I often wondered how many callers just made questions up to get in that show.

I have not listened to the radio since late 90s and only for music. Of course in stores that have radios on I listen.

So anyone call? I assume radio stations still do this? Anyone called Dr Ruth? She was really good, incredible empathy for those who needed it but she put up with no BS or any abuse. She was also witty like a hip granny.