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Has anyone ever had their "colors done?"

I feel a little silly about it, but ever since I've heard about the 12 seasons color analysis I've wanted to be draped. I'm almost positive that I'm a Bright Winter (BE JEALOUS, BE VERY JEALOUS). There's no one in my state that does draping, though, and it's pricier than I can afford right now. BUT someone is selling an at-home kit! I can do everyone's colors! Why am I so tickled by this?

Although it seems unimportant, I've wanted to do this for years. I think I'm gonna bite the bullet and get the cards, GT. What do you think, am I a ridiculous person for wanting this? I feel like a ridiculous person for wanting this (but I looooooove color, I live for color). The at-home kit is being sold here and is a quarter the price of getting draped, plus I can do my sisters and we can bask in the glory of never buying the wrong color shirt again.


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