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UPDATE: The Return Trip, NOT as Easy :/

I was spoiled by how easy it was to fly out of my home airport, but flying back home out of a smaller airport, not so much. I showed the same documents I had before, but they kept insisting it wasn’t enough, eventually I had to show them more credit cards and go through a bunch of questions of why I don’t have my ID. Then they had me wait for about 20 minutes until they got a supervisor. After that, she again looked at ALL my documents (and I brought a lot, remember) and let me through. She put my carryon items on the scanner, but wouldn’t allow me to take them off after they went through (and because of how easy it went last time, and my suitcase being overweight, I had two huge carryons pack with stuff). She then had me sit and wait some more, finally a TSA agent came over and did a VERY THOROUGH body search. I sat back down and waited while they tested everything in my bag. After all of that, i was free to go to my gate. I just kept a smile eon my face the whole time and let them do what they want. It seemed the like the woman was maybe enjoying having a case like mine making her feel important, so I didn’t want to spoil her fun :)


It did take me about 50 extra minutes, so I’m glad I still got to the airport early (I had been planning on cutting it close, but changed my mind last minute).

But I still got to fly, and I am typing this from the airplane right now (thanks inflight wifi!)



UPDATE: SUCCESS! In the airport now!

It was no hassle at all, I showed the my work ID with photo and name, then I opened my huge folder of documents, and the guy was like “is that a paycheck stub or utility bill?” And I almost yelled, YESSSSS! IT IS! And he just looked at the name on the stub and made sure it matched my ID. No extra screening or anything. I made it from Check-in to my gate in less then 10 minutes. Now I’m at the airport, 2:30 hours early and going to treat myself to a over priced breakfast.


Thanks GT for all the help, I was so nervous!!!


On my last trip, I left all my ID in the seat back pocket of the plane (and it was gone forever after fighting with Air Canada about it). Now I have to replace it all, BUT I also HAVE TO FLY on SUNDAY.


Today I went:

  • To the SS Office and ordered a new card (will arrive in two weeks) and they gave me an official signed receipt that could be used for the DMV.
  • To the DMV Office, where I applied for a new ID Card (I don’t drive) which will also arrive in two weeks. They don’t give out temporary cards, but again I have a receipt.

Identification I do have:

  • Certified Birth Certificate
  • Certified Divorce Record
  • Photo Work ID (from a Fortune 10 company w my first and last name)
  • Voters Registration
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Health Insurance Card

Things I can get:

  • Photocopy of Passport

The TSA website says that you don’t need an ID to travel if you have lost or forgot yours, but I’m still really nervous. I don’t what to do. Has anyone ever had this happen, and were you able to fly?

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