HomeyHeart and I were driving past our local hot yoga place and he started to rant about how stupid one would have to be to do that kind of thing, etc., etc. I guess he forgot that I'd signed up for a class there that starts this week? :|

I was like, "It's going to be transcendental!"

And he was like, "It's gonna smell so awful in there and you're going to die of heatstroke! People are going to be sweating and trying to hold in farts and it's going to be a million degrees!"

Anyway, he got me a little freaked out about it, when I was so excited before. Plus, I'm sure I'm gonna be the only chub-a-dub in there who's wearing a full shirt and not, like, a sports bra and yoga pants.

Tell me it's really good for me and I should totally look forward to it and everyone's going to be nice and other people will be wearing shirts, please! :)