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Has anyone here leased a car?

I want to have a car. For reference, I’m in the DC metro area, but far out enough that it makes sense. My parents also live just a couple hours north and having a car would make it SO MUCH EASIER to visit them. My mobility has also recently become somewhat limited, and even though that should hopefully be dealt with soon, it would be nice to be able to go places without worrying about the pain involved in walking.

BUT. I don’t know anything about cars. Mr. Toad doesn’t drive. I could theoretically ask my dad or brother to help me since they both think they know about cars, but that would be more emotional trouble than it’s worth. So the idea of going to a dealership, not having to haggle, bringing it in for regular maintenance and having a mechanic if there are any problems is really, really attractive, even though I’m sure I’ll end up paying more. I’m lucky to be in a position right now where I do think I can afford it, though I’ll have to get serious about it.


If any of you have leased, what have your experiences been?

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