I just ordered for the first time and im a little... Underwhelmed. I don’t know if i had high expectations because it seemed like such a cool site and because it’s so expensive, but I don’t know that Id order again based on this.

I got just a fat quarter of this:

and both the fabric and the colors of the fabric seemed cheap - not well represented in the picture. And while I get that a huge part of what I’m paying for is the special print to have it on super low quality cotton was kind of disappointing when I paid literally 4 times what I normally would Also- my cut had between 3/4 of an inch to 1.5 inch of white selvage on each side, which meant the actual usable portion of the fabric was pretty reduced esp on a fat quarter.

Has anyone else had a better experience? I did order a pattern that someone uploaded so I’m wondering if it was something specific to the quality of the image but the fabric still stunk.