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I have been observing the Fusspot with my usual searching gaze and lately he's been drinking more. Actually that started about a year ago, and I did mention it to the vet, but we figured it was just that he was older and needed more water to keep his ancient system going. But this week he's been really, really hungry. He'll clean his plate, have his after-dinner crunchies and look around for more. I ate about an hour after he did tonight and he came and grizzled at me while I was sitting at the table, which is something he hasn't done since he was a puppy. I told him he wasn't getting anything more exciting than plain dog biscuits, but he polished them off. He's also been waking up at night and whinging for snacks, and occasionally to be lifted off the bed so he can go and have a drink in the kitchen. He's not porking up despite extra snacks: he doesn't look different in terms of size but he is lighter when I pick him up. And I can't use his pee habits as a marker because the weather has been so deadly that he holds it until he can't hold it any more ... I probably won't be able to develop a pee baseline until the snow has gone.

I looked up the entry for canine diabetes in my Merck manual of pet health (yes I have a veterinary manual at home, why do you ask?) but it didn't tell me enough of the useful stuff, like how fast diabetes can develop in a geriatric dog, because he had blood work in January and everything was perfect - that's the word that the vet himself used, not me. The manual also mentioned that cataracts are common in dogs with diabetes mellitus, and the Fusspot is indeed starting a cataract ... but cataracts are also common in older dogs and he is 15 and that's the only eye he's got. I'm thinking I will call the vet tomorrow, even though I know that doing so will commit me to a vet bill that will make me lucky if it comes in under $1000; but if it can be treated, I want it treated, because I don't want my darling boy wasting away or going into a sad and painful decline because I didn't feel like finding out whether it was diabetes or just old age.


Anyway, if the hivemind contains among itself someone with experience when it comes to diabetic canines, I would be interested in listening. I think I'll call the vet regardless though. The bank just raised the limit on my line of credit, maybe that's a sign (she said suspiciously).

ETA update #1: we've got a vet appt at 11 this morning.

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