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Has anyone painted a house before?

Because holy crap, I think I’m in deep shit. I picked out a nice, normal blue for the house. It’s called Dignity Blue, which I think conveys exactly what I’d like my house to convey. I’m a dignified adult, not a floundering 26 year old who still can’t believe they let her live alone, let alone buy property. This is what Dignity Blue looks like:

Aaaaaand, this is the picture that my roommate just sent me of the house, which was getting it’s first coat today:



That makes it look like a live in a recycling bin, or a children’s book or something. And by the time any of us had seen it, they were already done with the entire first coat.

So I’ve called them and told them not to paint any more, and I’m going to chose a much darker color tonight for the second coat, but because they’ve already purchased the paint, it’s going to cost me hundreds of more dollars, when the carpentry work that I needed before the painting could even start was stretching my resources and I just don’t understand how this could be so so so far from what I was expecting.

And it’s going to sit like this until the second coat, as my neighbors judge me, and hate me for bringing down their property values with my giant, blueberry monstrosity and WAAAAAAAAH


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