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Last night I looked up on youtube if there were any videos of a woman playing Judas. I only found this video of Jodie Steele performing Heaven on Their Minds but as part of a concert. She would be fantastic.

So today I looked up google to see if it has been done on stage. It has by a theater group from Alabama University. Sadly I could find no videos. Here is the article.


Since JCS is so open to interpretation from doing it in traditional times to modern times to fictional police states. I would have thought it would be common. I read in various articles it would be very hard, lyrics would need changing, the dynamics of the characters could change for the audience that the meaning of when Judas confronts Mary could come across as a love triangle. I also read voice range for Judas was made for a low voice. That seems easily fixed.

To me it would not be hard to do. Lyric changes. But because the musical has been set in modern times, fictional dystopian land. Why not. Would it be really hard to do? As some indicates.

Also who would you cast as Judas. Adele would be my pick providing she can act.

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