Tangerine, an indie movie out this year, has been getting some good reviews. It’s about a pair of transgender sex workers, played by Mya Taylor and Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, in LA, and was shot apparently on iphones and directed by this guy Sean Baker. From Rolling Stone:

Once Baker and Taylor initially exchanged numbers, she helped let everyone know that hey, these guys that keep nosing around? They’re not cops, they’re OK. She was the one who’d sit for hours at the local Jack in the Box, telling them about what life on the street was like. She was the one who told him, “I know someone you need to meet,” and introduced Baker to the force of nature that is her co-star, Rodriguez. And most importantly, Mya was the one who set down the ground rules. “She said, ‘There are two things you have to promise me, Sean,’” he recalls. “ ‘You have to show what it’s really like out there — how hard it is, especially for trans-women of color who are forced to resort to prostitution for a living, because there’s nothing else for us. You have to be brutal, even if it’s not PC.’ Then she took a long pause and told me, ‘And you have to make it hilarious. If we wouldn’t laugh at this, then what’s the point?’”

I am really curious about this movie! Has anyone seen it? Heard good or bad things about it? Have any thoughts about it? The more I read about it, the more excited I am to see it!