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Unité 9 is a French-language TV drama about a women's prison, out of Quebec. Apparently it is amazing but because it's in French and from Quebec, it hasn't gotten a lot of attention. The CBC is going to be making an English-language version of it*.

Has anyone here seen or heard of this show? I'm absolutely hopeless at French, but apparently the DVDs have English subtitles and I'm really curious if this is worth tracking down. From the small amount I've heard from one person irl and, like, the only three Amazon reviews, it's more realistic than OITNB (and started before OITNB came out, so no copy-cat worries here) and there is a lot more substance to the lesbian relationships that they portray.


Sidenote, I've only barely stumbled across an explanation of the TV/movie celebrity culture in Quebec, and it's just fascinating - apparently there are actually a fair number of really incredible TV shows out of Quebec that are only really known there, and a whole culture of actors and writers and directors that aren't known elsewhere because of the uniqueness (but also isolation) of Quebec culture and the language barrier. In addition to being in French, so that loses non-French speaking audiences, Quebecois French is different than Parisian French enough that it might not gain traction in non-Quebec French-speaking places. So interesting.

If anyone has info or an opinion on this show, or knows things about the entertainment industry in Quebec that they feel like talking about, please share! I also found out about this Quebec TV show called Trauma that is in talks to get picked up by an American something or other, which is a medical show but about a psychiatrist (or a psychologist, I forget) who treats trauma doctors. Apparently it's a unique spin on the pretty over-saturated medical drama TV show. Interesting!

Oh, and after looking for a photo, if anyone has seen this, I'm curious how the PoC representation is in this show... there should be a lot of Native women if this is supposed to be realistic to Quebec, and the pictures that are coming up seem predominantly white women.

*I know I'm a monolingual Canadian so I should probably learn French before I snark at this, but seriously guys, give us some credit. It is really hard to get access to this show with English subtitles (the only way is to buy it on DVD, but the show streams for free in French on the website). Maybe do that first and see if people will watch it, so the money/eyeballs can go to the original production crew, actors, etc.?

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