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Has anyone used the Benefit Brow Bar before?

I really need to get my eyebrows done. I’m headed out of town for a wedding this weekend (where I’ll be seeing an ex for the first time in ages, so I want to look amazing, of course), and I know my eyebrows need some attention. I’ve only had them waxed a handful of times in my life, and the last time was years ago. In the past, I’ve always done it at a nail salon, but I’m wondering if maybe I should splurge and get them done at the Benefit Brow Bar at Ulta. All their fancy talk of brow mapping is drawing me in!

For reference, right now, I have no idea what I’m doing with my brows. Arch? Shape? I am clueless on these things. I’m really hoping whoever does it can fill me in on filling them in and all that good stuff. If I do get it done there, I’ll be doing the upkeep myself at home, most likely, not going in to get them redone when needed.


What think ye, Groupthink? Is it worth the twenty-something dollars to get it done there, or should I get them waxed or threaded somewhere else? Have any of you had experiences at the Brow Bar? Tell me everything!

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