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Has anyone used Daily Burn

Dude Hulu's commercials work. Daily Burn must be one of their big sponsors right now. Daily Burn is a website that has all sorts of workouts to do at home and you can use it on all conceivable devices, Google, Apple I think the Kindle, smart tvs, laptops etc.

Holy crap I freaking love it. So the building I work in had a small gym that was free to all employees you just needed to get a little key fob. That was good until the finance-bros came. You know who I mean, they ARE SO PUMPED ALL THE TIME! FUCK YEAH! MONEY! BOOZE! PUSSY! I had taken a "gym break" also known as "being lazy" and they invaded.

So now the only people who watch me workout are the Geekboy and the cats (who haven't figured out to not stand behind me). I've been doing it about a 10 days and I'm already feeling difference. Know idea if I've lost weight but the stretching exercises have been AMAZING! * I'm sitting at a computer all day, and the True Beginner program I'm on is focusing on stability, mobility and stretching. Basically when you're working out and you're body is making popping noises when you stretch that's not a good sign.


Has anyone used this? After I get bored with True Beginner I want to see if anyone has any recommendations.

*I fully realize I sound like those crossfit, PDX, enthusiasts. I'm even considering paying the extra 5 dollars for the food tracking, and food apps it's a cult and I'm accepting it.

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