Someone mentioned PocketDerm, a telemedical service that provides consultations with a dermatologist and specially formulated, prescription medication for acne and/or anti-aging. Someone mentioned it in a comment on Millihelen (who's loving Millihelen with me, btw?), so of course I had to look it up! It seems to have good reviews and the MDs did an AMA on reddit (they're hip and with it, ya dig?) that I want to comb through, but I was wondering if GTers had any experience with it. It's extremely reasonably priced and, frankly, it seems like it's much more personalized than my experience going to a brick and mortar derm who told me to use the sample sunscreen they gave me to moisturize at night when I called in about the retin-a making me look like a leper. That's... not good advice, she was very obviously using the same tricks from her bag for everyone like an assembly line.

What say you, GT? Snake oil or real deal? I'm also thinking about getting the acne version instead of the anti-aging version even though I've pretty much got the acne situation under control with my BC and AHAs because it's got additional ingredients to treat PIH, which I have... it never goes away and is holding me back, man.