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I love his Caspak trilogy. If you read one Burroughs novel read this trilogy..The entire trilogy is less then 400 pages so in todays world its a novel. Monster Men a short stand alone novel is great along with the Martian and Pellucider novels.

There is an article about whether Tarzan’s days are over. The article has some really good points. Although I wonder if ERB time is over. He wrote fantastical novels, a genre that seems dead. Ideas of dying civilizations on Mars or an inner world seem laughable today.

Of course worse there is a “white mans burden” attitude in the novels. Tarzan being most blatant. Even Mars it takes a white American to cobble a working peace and being a leader.


Here is an article about ERB. Sadly it seems unfinished. http://info-europa.com/uncategorized/…

Here is the article about why Tarzan no longer works. I do agree. Although I thought Lin Carter cleaned up the original Conan stories I wonder if same could be done to ERB? Yet in Tarzan its not just passages but entire attitudes.

There were two movies based on the Caspak novels Land That Time Forgot and People That Time Forgot. I enjoyed both but I was about 12 when I last saw them in the late 70s on tv. So keep that in mind.


Anyone see these two Caspak movies? Is my memory based too much on nostalgia?

Has anyone seen Tarzan the new film?

Now James Patterson is doing Bookshots which are short novels with just the excitng parts sorry ERB did it a century ago and was a master of the Bookshot.



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