So this story came up in conversation recently, and it's really weird, not at all paranormal, and verifiable by other people.

When the film Lord of Illusions came out, my boyfriend and I went to see it. We thought it was great! We spent the next hour talking about the film, and were anxious to see what our friends thought of it.

When we finally talked to friends who had seen it at other theaters, they were all complaining that it was confusing, boring, and shorter than they expected. The specific complaints they made made it sound like they had literally seen a different movie. We discussed our utter confusion at length.

It turns out they had. Later, when it was on cable, I saw a version that had been cut to shit. It was terrible, but I figured it was due to it being shown on that particular station (it was on like TNT or something). THEN. When the director's cut came out, and I talked about the whole thing again with friends (before I had seen it), they were suddenly talking about the film I had seen.

We had somehow seen the director's cut during the original theatrical run. At the Cooper 5 in Aurora, Colorado. I actually talked to my ex about it, and we verified each other's experience, and that the "new footage" was stuff we had seen the first time. No wonder we felt like we were going insane!


To this day I don't know how that happened, or why. It happened around the same time, at the same theater, with another film, but weirdly I can't recall which film and I don't feel like texting my ex to find out which one it was.