I went to the dentist recently. I realized after they are out of my network, so I have to pay in full, then I get some of the money refunded, but I'm still paying a lot for the service.

Anyhoo they made a couple other appointments for me recently, to have some comprehensive exam, and I just realized that I can't pay all the extra fees right now. Especially for something so non-essential. So I called to cancel the appointment, and told them money was tight, and they were like, we can cancel, but let me call you right back.

She called me back and said she spoke to the dentist and she said they would make it a shorter appointment and just not charge me. I'm kinda blown away that they would do this. I don't have any sort of dire teeth issues. They said they want me to get the care I need.

I'm a natural cynic. So I am wondering why they would do this. To keep my business for times when money isn't tight? I've just never encountered anything like it.