I probably know a handful of libertarians, maybe three or four Republicans, and they’d all rather abstain than vote Trump. So the vast majority of my acquaintance, and my the commentary in my Facebook newsfeed, falls under the left and far left.

Here’s a breakdown of those two factions:

On one hand, I’ve got mostly well-meaning liberal white cishet males who’ve long been fond of “wake up, sheeple!” kind of posts that often seem to include misattributed quotes or verifiably inaccurate statistics. There’s also been a not negligible amount of privilege blindness in this group over the years, and even the occasional outright denial. But more importantly, there’s more outrage than actual solutions coming from people in this camp.

On the other hand, I‘ve got highly woke, tack-sharp social leaders who are actually employed with proactively changing the system. One, for example, is a non-traditional family law attorney. Another is a prison reform advocate. They’re far from infallible, but their opinions are always cogent, fact-checked, and hyperbole-free.

I’ll give you three guesses as to which group is backing which Democrat.

Basically, Bernie’s a lot like Jesus for me, in that he seems pretty cool, but much of his fan base is such a turn off that it piques my suspicion. Meanwhile, all the smartest people I know are supporting Hillary, or at least falling in lockstep behind the Democratic Party nominee.


This is a first for me in that my vote is ultimately swayed, not by facts that any one person presented, but rather by my assessment level of my various friends’ intelligence and their political allegiance. I can’t recall my vote ever before having been swayed by my distaste for caps lock or liberal mansplaining.

Am I the only one feeling this way about this election?