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Welcome To The Bitchery

We have hate watching. We even have hate reading. But do you partake in hate listening?

On the drive to work, i jump between several different stations on the radio. I'll go from the classic rock, to the Christian pop/rock, to the local spotrts talk which right now is debating the Thunder's chances in the playoffs and early reactions from University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State spring practices. Finally i'll get to the ESPN Radio station. And here is where my hate listening starts. Mike and Mike in the morning. First off they're sellouts, constantly stoping the show for a plug. It seems like they spend more time talking about products than sports. But aside from the ads, they're also idiot blowhards. Mike Greenburg is a whiny stathead who is obsessed with getting baseball to under two hours and thinks that the game is doomed doomed DOOMED! Seriously all i've heard for the last week or so is whining about the pace of the game. Well jackass, when you're tickets aren't paid for by ESPn and you get to maybe afford one game a year then you can worry about the length of a MLB game.

Meanwhile, Mike Golic is a former defensive lineman for the NFL who is usually the one to tackel ( no pun intend...actually screw it pun ALWAYS intended) the NFl related topics. Keep in mind D Line am is essentially a big sakc of meat designed to blow up the line of scrimage and be a body to stop the run. We know he didn't do squat in pass rusning based on his 11.5 sacks in 115 game career. So basiucally you got the brick of meat pretending that he has in depth insight into a billion dollar industry. His statments on the Jonathan martin incident mad eme sick, stoping just shport of full on victim blaming but it was obvious what he was saying without him saying it.


Now i get that ESPN is out for ratings, clicks, eyeballs, etc. This is the same compnay that employs Colin Cowheard, and puts Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless to rant for 3 hours. So having blowhards is not out of line for them.

It's not like local sports radio is better. Here in OKC we regularly are given the unsolicited opinions of one Jim Traber, a former Oriels 1st baseman who is on a list of the worst players in Oriels history. That said, M&M is one of the worst and that is why they are hate listening for me. What about you?

EDIT: removed reference to the W word. It's not a word that should be used even in jest. I think I got my point across without it. Also forgot Traber was a first baseman not third which is even sadder since first is so easy the Red Sox had Papi man it during the WS to keep him in the lineup when they were in St. Louis.

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