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Hate-Reading Fox News so you don't have to

From the Fox News home page as of 3:59 today:

Pearl-clutching headline: The Obama Mantra "It's in our national security interest"

But if you actually read the article: Basically, everyone who matters agrees with the president that we need to do something. Even Boehner and Cantor.


So what?: Gird your loins for "mantra" to be the new go-to conservative dog whistle this Holiday season with your family. Even more fun b/c by then we'll know how all this went down.

Pearl-clutching headline: OBAMACARE BACKLASH Union Dumps AFL-CIO Over Stance on Health Law

But if you actually read the article: ... for not being liberal enough! They just loooove to find fault with the AFL-CIO and Obamacare, but this two-fer isn't quite as satisfying as some people *coughmyfatherinlawcough* might hope. You can't root for the more liberal union, but you can't side with the AFL-CIO b/c they're supporting ACA. It basically highlights that ACA is a politically moderate approach.

So what?: The unions are not turning on Obama. No matter what your tea-bagger cousin claims on Facebook.


Pearl-clutching headline: PUNISHED FOR BELIEFS Todd's American Dispatch: Bakery Loses Gay Battle

But if you actually read the article: Well, this one actually lives up to the pearl-clutching. Right out of the gate, they start with "A family-owned Christian bakery, under investigation for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, has been forced to close its doors after a vicious boycott by militant homosexual activists."


So what?: It reads like "Homosexual Agenda BINGO" with a clear "persecution of Christians" narrative. Never mind free markets, discrimination or civil rights, these people are victims of "militant homosexuals groups".

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