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Hate reading, sometimes it is fun

After unfriending an old classmate this a.m. I remembered I am still friends with someone I unfollowed whose page I occasionally enjoy Hate Reading. Guys, I had to share this (sorry it is not in a cool screen shoot, I have no clue how to do that)

From the FB Poster:

Look at this lady's and gentlemen. Obama will still get paid cause it's considered mandatory spending. Wow. He don't pay for a damn thing and take vacation on our tax dollars and his stupid ass still gets paid during a shut down. How can his pay be considered mandatory spending. How about all our military that protect his dumb ass. That's mandatory spending


OP REDACTED: Ok I just read that they passed that our military will get paid while the gov is shut down. Obama is still useless cause he could careless if they get paid.

REDACTED Response: Ya idk my bro said they won't? Maybe it changed tho. I hope that's shitty


ME: You do know all of the House and Senate is getting paid too, right? And they are technically the ones causing the shut down. Not saying don't be mad about the President getting paid, but make sure your mad at all the folks involved that are still taking paychecks. Which is literally all of the House and Senate....

I really never comment on this persons page. Like I said, sometimes I like to hate read his page just to keep in mind that there are educated people that think this way. It keeps me grounded. This time, however, I couldn't resist.


ETA: The picture from his page is now in the comments. It helps the post make more sense

Additional Edit: So I have been scrolling back through his page...So.many.comments.....Hard to resist. Must.Not.Type. Actually though I am finding this amusing. It is a good Hate Read.

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