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Hate-reading the National Review is giving me an ulcer.

Oh my fuck, you guys. I'm doing this because I want to know what those people (hahaaaa) think about shit, but I'm starting to doubt if I have the emotional fortitude for it.

I started with Fox News Latino (because LOL) but I moved on to the National Review Online because holy shit, they blow, but I need to learn more about the pathology of their blowiness.


So far today I've read an awful account by this Heather MacSomething person about Affirmative Action. She's cherry-picking quotes from an LA Times article about a kid named Kashawn who went to Berkeley and she's attempting to demonstrate how Affirmative Action is harmful and does psychological damage to young people of color.

Is this a new tactic from the AA haters? Are they figuring out that the whole enraged "reverse racism" angle didn't work and now they are framing it as a, "Oh, those poor, dumb brown kids are so out of their element and it's our fault because we are affirmative actioning them into colleges where they clearly can't compete!"


She ends the article with: " Racial preferences are not just ill advised, they are positively sadistic. Only the preening self-regard of University of California administrators and faculty is served by such an admissions travesty."


And THEN I read this other article by some Charles C. W. Cookypants guy about how anyone who thinks Miley's VMA performance had racial implications needs to see a psychologist.


Here's a quote: " During her act, Cyrus wore a skin-colored latex bikini, ran a foam finger down another performer’s crotch, and “twerked” (a dance move in which one shakes and twists ones hips in a sexual fashion). Tasteful or not, none of these things has anything to do with race — let alone with slavery. It takes a particularly depraved mind to link a glorified pop concert to the transportation and subjugation of an entire class of people. It is reasonable to conclude that those that are capable of so doing lack even the most basic political judgment."

He was referring to Aura Bogado from The Nation.

And then my head exploded.

But I will persevere. Because I don't watch the news on TV (I don't have one) and I need to know what these kinds of people are saying about things that enrage me, so as much as I would love to hide in my liberal, intersectional spaces on the web and in my life, I have to hate-read to remind myself that some people really believe these things.


I'll be aight. I may need some Pepto, though.

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