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I love cooking shows, and I particularly love Master Chef, but holy fuck, do I hate Master Chef Junior.

Yet what am I now watching? Goddamn right I am. I like the hosts and how they interact with the kids—I think that’s great and endearing and disgustingly cute. But the kids...blargh.

I hate their smug faces. Look at this little shit.


I hate the way these pretentious future foodies talk about their goddamn ingredients and cook like they’re 45 year-old-pros. I hate that these are kids who obviously come from a fair-to-high level of privilege to know how to use the sophisticated ingredients presented to them. And every time any of them something cutsie in their pre-pubescent voices, I want to tip their food onto the floor like this guy:

What shows do you watch even though they make you irrationally angry?

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