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Welcome To The Bitchery

I know this is more awful news but the more exposure this gets, the bigger the blowback on this gangrenous toenail of a person! Here’s an article about Jason Rapert, an Arkansas State Senator, using his position of power to bully and demean his LGBTQ Constituents.

I’m not surprised that an Arkansas State Senator is a bigot...I grew up there. The political climate is often divided, but almost always more so towards the awful side. I am shocked at the sheer number of assholes coming out of the woodworks because they now see this as their ticket to shout out their bigotry.

There are so many who have been sitting by quietly, extra careful of who they tell what they’re really thinking. But now that Trump has been elected via a campaign of verbal diarrhea, they believe their “opinion” is finally validated. They got the greenlight and boy did they go for it.


Luckily, most of us are still not having it. When they are told that they are still wrong and just flesh covered sacks of shit masquerading as humans, however, they inevitably throw something I like to call a “Trumper Tantrum”.

The only positive I am taking away from this is that people are resisting. We are continuously telling these assholes that their worldview is seriously flawed and we will not let them shout us down.

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