We were watching CNN this morning with Carol Costello hosting. She had on a republican and democrat. The republican kept spewing lies about birth control and Costello (who is fantastic) stepped in and said nicely that what the republican said was not true. Costello had to repeat this twice.

My mother commented that there was a point where we didn't hate republican pundits that she and we disagreed but not hated them now she hates (it seems) all. She said once because a person was of the other party didn't mean you hated them. Now she believes this is where we have ended up.

I flashed back to the 80s and 90s watching McLaughlin Group on PBS. I loved watching these folks spar. I never hated Robert Novak or Pat Buchanan. I disagreed strongly but it wasn't emotional. I also watched the original 7:30 Crossfire which I enjoyed. And CNN's Capital Gang (Saturday night roundtable 90s) there was Margaret Carlson a democrat and a republican (can't recall her name) they disagreed on almost everything but I always sensed they were friends outside, especially when they talked about personal issues like when Carlson announced she would be a grandmother something the republican said indicated she knew already and was truly happy for her. I don't see that today.

Yet once these pundits used facts. Yet it seems disagreements have as my mother said turned to genuine hatred. She sees people because of yesterdays SCOTUS decision hating religion more and churches where senior citizen women go, which she said is already the trend.

Until the last few years I never was prone to dislike ordinary folks because they are republicans now I do. This truly disturbs me the most. Even novelists, I used to in the 80s and 90s disagree with Tom Clancy but liked his novels now since Iraq War I couldn't even read them. Yet I feel we have passed the rubican from disagreements to hate. I don't know when it started creeping in 9/11 maybe? Bush V Gore? Maybe if republican pundits used facts? Listened to others? Showed common decency? Maybe if the republican politicians weren't so filled with hate for President Obama which is fueled by tpers I could go back to disagreeing.


Yet I still have incredible affection for the late President Ford and First Lady Betty Ford, especially her who brought breast cancer out of the closet along with addiction. I still like former Governor Bill Weld. I sometimes wish President Ford or better yet President Eisenhower was who republicans aspired to not President Reagan. Even using facts would help.