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Haunted House Attractions UPDATE!

I went and survived! Update below.

Because I'm a dipshit who gives in to peer pressure, I'm going to one of those haunted houses tonight. You know, where you pay money to have people scare the shit out of you? I think my night might just be an expensive "sit in the parking lot while everyone else goes through" kind of night, but we'll see. (How scary is this haunt? They're allowed to TOUCH YOU.)


This is one of the funniest videos I've ever seen, and I particularly love how he yells "STOP IT. STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" at the actors. I just love it.

Do you like this kind of thing? What is the scariest attraction that you've been to?


UPDATE: There were eight of us. We got to go through the haunted house, which was horrible, and some clown fun-room with 3D glasses, which is hell on earth for anyone who has feelings about clowns (I do not).

As predicted, my friends were afraid I would have some sort of heart episode, so they were protective, which was unnecessary, but I also didn't give them hell about it like I normally do.


Remember how I said they could touch you? They REALLY touch you. The friends I went with had been like "psssh, no they don't, not really," and afterwards were like "wow, I don't remember all the touching." I guess guys don't get the "chainsaw to the crotch" move as much as girls? They GRABBED two people in my group and tried to drag them off. I was called a "sweet little cupcake" as the woman tried to grab me by the head. I don't remember what the man who grabbed my neck called me, on account of all my screaming. (The rear half of my dude sandwich got shuffled in front of me at that point, hence exposed neck.)

The gore bits weren't upsetting or anything to me. They are for some people, including people I was with last night.


Overall, it was very well done, and you can tell a lot of money goes into the production each year.

?/10, would consider going again

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