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So after reading this article (http://jezebel.com/news-crew-burn…) and a good chunk of the comments I got thoroughly spooked and decided to write a personal little story of my own.

I am personally addicted to and anxiously awaiting Jezebels annual Halloween story article. I love reading and watching scary crap, even though I am a gigantic lily liver'd coward. My computer and phone will have that tab open for days so that I can soak in all the stories. I personally am usually in the "agnostic" camp for ghosts and all things spiritual. I don't know if there is anything out there. There might be, who knows? (I kind of do, but let me tell my story first!) As a flight attendant, we would sometimes stay in "haunted" hotels and even though I would ask the receptionist to flicker my lights or do a knock and run, I would get nothing. Not even so much as a chill (even with my thermostat set to 65). I did have some spooky things happen when I was a teenager, but I was stressed out and hormonal so I don't count it unless I've wavered more on the believing side. This story though, is 100% real.


So I quit my job and started going back to school. My boyfriend was amazing and let me move in with him so I could be closer to my campus. We had a roommate, but he was there maybe once a month as he preferred his dad's couch and his friends apartments more. So I have free reign of this apartment. I decorate it how I like and eventually just start walking around in my underpants, as one does in their own apartment. After a while things felt kind of off. Sometimes, regardless of time of day I'd feel like I was being watched. It happened off and on at first but then progressed to a daily thing. It wouldn't be fair to say I heard noises, as I lived under a family of 5 sharing a two bedroom apartment (sweet baby buddha). Obviously I heard a bunch of stuff, but I highly doubt any of it was supernatural.

My boyfriend likes to play cards with his friends from high school on Fridays, so he'd go off and I'd chill at home and do homework or binge watch trashy tv (Geordie Shore for life!). These were the WORST. I'd feel watched, even if I walked around and changed rooms. I'd text my boyfriend, he'd tell me everything was fine. I'd be so creeped out that I would stop what I was doing and watch comedies or horror (to torture myself I guess). I would even do the thing stupid people do in movies and ask dumb things like "Is anyone there?" or "If someone is here, flicker the lights." Nothing.

This went on for months, maybe even a year. It got to be a thing where every Friday, I'd text my boyfriend and bother him during his card game. I'd either beg him to come home early or to keep texting me in case I didn't respond and needed help so he could come save me.

Well, one Friday after which I'd felt the oppressive feeling again, me and Mr. Bottom are in bed sleeping. We'd watched a couple movies in bed and had a genuinely nice snuggly day in. Then we heard banging on the door. Mr. Bottom shuffles around, getting clothes and his glasses and gets to the door, while the cats run into my room and hide next to me. Mr.Bottom tells me he can't see who's outside. I almost wet myself. "It's happening", I thought, "it's really effing happening!"


Mr. Bottom opened the door... and there is a police officer there. I turns out he lived at our complex and he did these nice little patrols and came across some dude sitting in the bushes outside our apartment. Squatting down, hiding and staring into our bedroom through the blinds. He asked the dude what the eff was up, and the dude came clean about being a peeper. Apparently, he peeped a lot but didn't give specifics. The officer (hereafter known to me as Officer Adonis) had already arrested the guy and had him sitting in a patrol car, but he just wanted to let us know. He wanted Mr.Bottoms phone number, so he could keep him updated on the case.


So apparently, what I was thinking was a slight haunting in my apartment was kind of accurate. I was being haunted by a freaking peeper who even admitted he did it "a lot". Needless to say, that scared me a hell of a lot more than if I had found evidence of a ghost. That guy watched me and followed me from room to room, and knew I was alone the entire time. Thankfully the blinds were only pulled up about two inches (enough for the cats to have their view), and were never fully opened. It wasn't even every blind, just one in each room. But apparently that was enough. Anyway, it turns out that the dude was staying in the apartment of a friend and wasn't part of the lease, and was here illegally so he was just deported. Officer Adonis would stop by and keep us posted and I baked him about two dozen awesome cookies. He sent a text to Mr.Bottom after with more info and told him the cookies were "amazing!".


So now when I feel creeped out or like someone is watching me, I want to call the police rather than Ghostbusters. I still kind of hold out hope that one day, I'll experience something supernatural, but after all of that I doubt it'll ever happen. Feel free to add your own horror stories, be they supernatural or not! I'll also accept sexy police officer stories because RAWRRRR! (Also, sorry if you've heard the shortened version of this before. I think I wrote about it in a comment to someones article once a long time ago. It just popped back into my mind today and I figured I'd share.)

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