Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Have a Productive Monday

I’m in a bad mood because things are not running as smoothly at work as I would wish them to. To get rid of some of my ensuing frustration and aggression, I’m listening to old school socialist workers’ songs (Arbeiterkampflieder). And I want you to have the opportunity to participate ... please have one of my favourite songs of that era: Roter Wedding.


For those interested in history: Wedding is a traditional blue collar borough in Berlin. Roter Wedding was an agitprop group emerging as a reaction to police brutality during protests. The song references Blutmai (Bloody May), where during non-approved demonstrations of the communist KPD in May 1929 more than 30 protestors where killed by police (out of around 25.000 workers taking part in the protests). Police never had to account for their actions during these demonstrations.

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