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Have an appt with the vet tomorrow to discuss the next step

for my elderly cat, Molly. She is 18, blind since January of this year, almost completely deaf, she has renal failure, muscle loss, arthritis, hypertension and high blood pressure. She gets medicine once a day for her arthritis and twice daily for the last two. It stresses her out so much and I hate doing it.

She spends most of the day sleeping on a door mat in the kitchen. Multiple times a day she will wake up and start calling out and/or walking frantically around in tight circles. Sometimes when she starts crying I will go in and pet or brush her and she will purr and head butt my legs. But she won’t really calm down. Even when being petted she is pacing and a little agitated.

When she decides to go on walkabout she is walking very fast and bumping into things. When she first lost her sight she was very careful and they way she avoided things it almost seemed she could still see.


She can find her water, food and the litter box so that isn’t a problem.

I’m feeling that, even though she doesn’t seem to be suffering, she isn’t living her best life. When she calls out/cries from another room it is so sad and mournful that it breaks my heart, especially when it is the middle of the night. Until recently she would find her way to me in the living room and would get on my lap. She no longer does that and if I bring her in and put her on my lap she growls until I put her back on the floor.

I brought up “what next” at her appointment in late September. The vet put her on a new arthritis medicine and asked me to wait and see if it made a change in her. Molly doesn’t seem to complain as much if I pet or brush the wrong spot but otherwise she is still the same.

I hope my the vet can help me with my decision. Selfishly I want to keep Molly around but I can’t see how she is “happy” with her life. I can’t imagine being deaf and blind and feeling that lost and alone and scared.


Sorry for the rambling post but I just need to get it all out.

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