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Have any of you watched this show? I am on episode two and I am not sure I can handle it, but I am also drawn in at the same time.

So, two episodes in, I have a lot of thoughts:

  1. -Gillian Anderson is a total badass. This is the kind of female character I want in my tv!
  2. -The little fifteen year old babysitter character is RIDICULOUS. Are there even real life humans that act like her? I just want to tell her to go home and find some nice boys her own age!
  3. -This show is really fucked up and I'm not sure I can deal.

People of GT, have you watched this show? Is it good enough to make up how much it freaks me out?


***spoilers and TW sexual assault below***

That scene where the killer is bathing his victim while it cuts to Stella having sex with the cop guy was really intense and rough in my book. Ughhh, and then watching him interact with his daughter? Too much. But at the same time it's sucking me in!

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