Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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But hoping that you GTer's are doing well. I've been creeping and have noticed that Lindy West is more awesome than I'd first thought (OK, not really—she's always been awesome) and Anna has some maturing to do. So happy to see a clever woman tackle the "rape joke" shit like Lindy. And certainly, Paris does not need a lady-blog, man blog, car blog, gamer blog, frog blog, or log blog, going over the intimates of her mental issues. Those things are for her and her only, and those she wishes to share them.

So glad to see the usual and friendly on GT tonight. In personal news, I'm trying to lose 50lbs. Yeah, me!!! Ugh. I know how to. And fuck I need to. My breathing and heart demand it so. Happy to report that despite my ridiculously lazy winter, I have maintained a good bit of strength. My starting bench weight is 105lbs. Not bad for a 30yo lazy gal; but I have done better and want to get back to "better".


My dad was recently diagnosed with CHF. Which is a big reason for my absence here. Can't go into it. Do not want to fry my keyboard with tears. When sad, I talk like Christopher, Walken, ya, know....

To Chritter: sourdough starter is going strong and have had to share due to "Edwards" robustness!

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