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Have I Been Concern-Trolled?

I think I have. Is that what this is? I think that's what this is. Poop.

I don't really want to un-gray any concern trolling folk, so I shall respond here: GOOD SIR. I don't know if you were aware when responding to my comment but I am, in fact, a woman designer who will be entering a top-ranked graduate program this August. Speaking as a spokeslady for these "untold ultra-educated, professional women of design" you seem to be so worried about... we got it. We're know. We're fully aware of the implications of our gender in our respective fields, and just because your one friend made a passing comment that you find concern-worthy doesn't mean that we're all "without a clue." Thankyouandgoodnight.


(Really though. Thanks for your concern, but concern isn't what we need. We need these "concerned" guys to stop twiddling thumbs/worrying about what's going on in our ladybrains/concern-trolling us on the internet and do some shit. You're a dude... so talk to other dudes about this. Point out institutional sexism that they might be missing. If you ever find yourself in a position of power, make sure you don't forget about us ladies (and people of color, and LGBT folk, and all other oft-marginalized groups) when making decisions. DO STUFF. If you don't... well, I guess you aren't actually as "concerned" as you claim to be.



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