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Have I upset my neighbor?

I might be thinking too much into this,

but when I left this morning there was a bag of dog poop outside my apartment door near the small potted plant I put out there the other day, right now it just had a succulent in it but I also put some dandelion seeds in there (my tortoise likes the leaves and the seeds are free) anyway this isn't near the neighbor's door at all and I don't even think they have a dog, the people right below them do and I see these black baggies outside their door a lot. Feels like it's some sort of passive aggressive message, but what is the message? I know I shouldn't think this is some slight against me, but it's also really weird. Maybe this was meant for my neighbor, but I don't know why, they're pretty decent neighbors other than the adult woman I legitimately thought was a small child based on her voice but that's neither here nor there. Please help me unlock the mysteries of the zodiac pooper.


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