That dumbass Princeton Privilege article has been going around my Facebook, mostly being posted by white men, and they are all VERY ACCURATELY taking it down in different ways. They all are recognizing their own privilege, not being butthurt about it (and not apologizing), and talking about how far off the mark the PP dude is. Most of my friends are liberal and open-minded, but the discussion of privilege always comes with a lot of defensiveness, and people thinking they are being accused of cheating through life. But no - these guys? They totally understand it.

I even have a Republican Relative (RR) who called it bullshit, saying (paraphrasing) "Anyone with a brain can tell that being born a white male is winning the lottery. He would have had to work a lot harder to get where he is if he wasn't - and he might not have even made it there in the first place."

I have been posting Violet Baudelaire's incredible rebuttal at every turn, as well.