Seriously, I mean, I am loving every single aspect of it. Easily my favourite new comedy in years(since Archer? Bob's Burgers?). Mainly though, Kether Donohue is someone I am just straight out crushing-but-not-sexual-crushing-who-am-I-kidding-nobody-is-that-gay-crushing on. I mean, you all should watch it now that it's been renewed for a second season but in particular you need to watch it for what, I think, is an absolute murderous Emmy-worthy performance that, somehow, has included her character attempting to do cocaine off of her own boobs and deliver a heartbreaking, perfect version of "This Woman's Work".

Also, I mean, she's just straight up gorgeous:

In short, watch You're the Worst, fall in love with Kether Donohue and make sure we get at least 5 more seasons of cat stealing, delivery boy banging and note-perfect Odd Future parodies.